Sunday, July 11, 2010

The holy months of 1431


Long has it been since I've blogged. Neglect has its consequences, but as Sha'ban 1431 approaches, perhaps new openings may come from better places.

As Rajab 1431 leaves this world, Lokman Hoja - the vekil of my Sheykh - is saying:

"Rajab is the month of Allah, as holy Prophet (as) is saying....we must keep our holy days and months, holy...(realize) that once it has passed, it will never come back again..."

Looking back on my earlier writing on "Rajab, Ramadan and Tolkien," I feel a sense of remorse that yet again, heedlessness had its hold on me. Yet, I also have hope and gratitude. Fortunately I was able to celebrate two holy days this Rajab at the Osmanli Dergah in Sidney Center, NY.

Two holy days which I never knew existed, nor how to pay the proper respect to, until recently.

1) Laylat-Ragh'aib (commemorating the conception of the holy Prophet)

2) Laylat-Mir'aj (the night of the ascension)

Prior to 1431/2010, sure - I'd come across information about the Mir'aj, it's a huge tenet of Islamic belief. But other than learning 'fiqh aspects' of the holy day and isolated exhortations at Jumah, how would it come alive and have meaning?

In years past, the month of Allah would come and go - and I'd grasp at straws, struggling to regard it as more than just a religious platitude. Even invoking the Lord of the Rings trilogy as a desperate metaphor to give it some spirit !

This year I took part in what Yursil once called, the circles of dignity, and made zikr with those who are closer to Allah and His Beloved (as).

Most Muslims don't even know what Ragh'aib is. Years ago, I came across it via superficial readings of Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani (ra) , yet it was something I ignored - foolishly - out of a suspicion that it may not be an authentic part of our traditions.

But in parts of the world where traditions are still kept alive - even if they are not religious - Ragh'aib is commemorated. And yet many Muslims will continue to bicker in their ignorance, finding excuses for themselves NOT to remember holy days and holy months.

Sha'ban, the month of the Prophet (as), approaches. And with it, comes Barat - the night of Accountability. Will we honor it when it comes?

Sheykh Abdul Kerim Kibrisi Hazretleri is saying, in a sohbet:

"Week after week, year after year I am saying, Sheykh Mawlana is saying and we are going to say. The holy days and the holy nights are approaching. In these nights take it seriously. Take it seriously! It's only five nights a year, not ten. There are three hundred and sixty five days in a year and there are only five nights that are very holy. You cannot keep up with that? What kind of faith you have then? Where is your faith?"

Sha'ban Mubarak to everyone!


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