Sunday, October 17, 2010

Documentary on Muslim Cemetary Controversy in Sidney, NY

It was this article, posted on the widely-read Huffington Post, that brought the story of the Muslim cemetary controversy in Sidney, NY to the national spotlight, with the headline:

Weeks later, with increasing attention from major newspapers around the country and growing outrage, Bob McCarthy (the town supervisor) and his cronies could no longer ignore the spotlight.  

Just days before a local town board meeting, they announced all legal actions against the cemetary were suspended. 

On October 14th, the town of Sidney held a board meeting where McCarthy and other town officials convened to discuss the matter.  Over 150 people turned out for the meeting; reporters from the local and national press were present.  Most of the town was clearly in favor of the Muslims.

When questions were demanded from Mr.Ermeti (the town attorney) and Bob McCarthy by the townsfolk, he gave dismissive replies, became visibly frustrated, and abruptly closed the meeting.

Jessica Vecchione, an award winning filmmaker, produced a short 20-minute documentary of the meeting, featuring interviews with townsfolk and key figures in the ongoing dispute.

The video can also be viewed at:

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